Established in 2010, Demographix Communications is a dedicated creative Visual Design and Brand Communications agency based in Gaborone.

We craft brilliant branding works for digital and print placement. We create beautiful and functional websites as well as strategic media content for the online digital space.

Being a small agency, we have proven to be more agile, easier to work with and less costly, plus you get the benefits of working with a streamlined creative and management team in contrast to a large network agency. We work with start-ups, SME’s and other businesses that see and understand the value in investing in branding and marketing services that will substantially improve their brand equity and bottom line revenue. We continuously challenge ourselves with developing innovative branding concepts and smart creative solutions that optimises the function, value and appearance of products, services and business systems.

Through our extensive industry knowledge and experience, we are enabled to provide creative solutions to our clients across board, big and small.



"You made us very proud, please continue with the good work. Wishing your company a very sucessful future"

M. Bantsi, BAA President (LOC, AJC Botswana 2011)

"We have found Demographix Communicatons to be meticulous in their work..."

Dr N. Mapitse (World Organisation For Animal Health (OIE)